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Rules: No fear. No hate. No thoughtless bullshit. (And no nazis.) You can learn more about Currently, browse our help pages, read the code of conduct, or examine the terms of service and privacy policy.

About profile visibility

You have three options for profile visibility on Currently: public, locked, and private.

  • Public: Anyone, logged in or not, can see your profile

  • Locked (default): Only people logged in can see your profile

  • Private: Only your followers can see your profile

Note: If your profile is set to Locked or Private, you cannot share your updates via ActivityPub or RSS/JSON, or publish to a custom URL.

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About publishing to a custom URL

In the future, you will be able to publish your Currently profile to a custom URL which will come with additional design features. People logged into Currently will continue to see the standard profile, while those not logged in will see a slightly different version with minimal Currently branding.

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About using an external source URL

In the future, you will be able to use an external site that you have verified as your own and that uses compatible microformats to populate your Currently profile.

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